Postponement of AGM to Jan 10th 2022

    Hi everyone, 

    Due to unforeseen circumstances, we will need to postpone the GSA AGM due on the 13th December and move to January 10th 2022. Please accept our sincere apologies. An agenda will be formed a week prior to the new date of the AGM so if there is anything you wish to discuss, please send an email to so this can be added to the agenda. 

    Furthermore, we encourage you to sign up to the county mailing list as we will no longer be using this email provider (Mandrill) to send out regular communications once the AGM has been delivered. Please see details below for assistance to sign up.


    Sign up to the NEW Gloucestershire Squash mailing list

    We have recently launched our new website - As part of this, we have introduced a new mailing list which will allow us more flexibility when sending emails.

    GDPR regulations prevent us from simply transferring you to the new mailing system; instead, you will need to actively sign up to the new Mailchimp mailing list. 

    A link to the new mailing list can be found here

    It can also be accessed from the new website where where you will see a heading saying ‘Mailing List’. Just click and complete the form and you’ll be on the new mailing list; a confirmation of your subscription will also be sent to your email.

    The old mailing list will be stop being used from 1st January 2022 so if you’d like to stay in the know, please sign up now.

    Join the new mailing list here.

    kind regards

    Mark Toseland