GSA AGM 2021

    Hi everyone, 

    Now we have the leagues underway and some normality restored for regular day to day goings on with squash in the county. We have set a date for an over due AGM which will be on Monday 13th December to be held at Old Pats Squash club for a 7:30pm prompt start to the meeting. There will be lots to discuss; The new county governance structure; what the GSA vision and mission statement will be over the coming years as well as discussing league rules and outlining clarity for a more competitive and effective league going forward. Please ensure at least one club representative will be there along with others who are involved in your club to get a better representation of the Gloucestershire Squash demographic. 

    Please also note, we will be moving away from the current Mandrill mailing list which is only set up for those using the league site and transfering to our mailchimp mailing list that has a better and more focussed outreach based on you personal choice of what information you wish to receive about any county goings on. We will no longer using this email system as of the 1st January 2022 so please use the links below to sign up to the Gloucestershire Squash Mailing list.


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    We have recently launched our new website - As part of this, we have introduced a new mailing list which will allow us more flexibility when sending emails.

    GDPR regulations prevent us from simply transferring you to the new mailing system; instead, you will need to actively sign up to the new Mailchimp mailing list. 

    A link to the new mailing list can be found here

    It can also be accessed from the new website where where you will see a heading saying ‘Mailing List’. Just click and complete the form and you’ll be on the new mailing list; a confirmation of your subscription will also be sent to your email.

    The old mailing list will be stop being used from 1st January 2022 so if you’d like to stay in the know, please sign up now.

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    kind regards

    Mark Toseland