GSA fixtures

    Hi everyone, 

    The county fixtures have now been created. A little changes required from the original 12 team format over two evenings as we had a larger than expected turnout of teams which was a pleasure to see. Due to this, we have separated the leagues into 3 divisions over Tues/Weds/Thursday with 8 or 9 teams in each division. we have placed teams to our best knowledge from previous leagues as well as having new clubs enter the league too.

    Please look at the fixtures and arrange courts to be booked accordingly for matches to begin week commencing 4th October. 

    We will look to go back to 6 team divisions again once the season has been completed and we'll run another round for an extended season to make up for a lack of summer league and a short stoppage to the league in 2019/20.

    kind regards

    GSA committee.