GSA Re-Launch Day

    Hi Everyone, 

    With team squash back on the horizon and clubs pulling their teams back together again after such a long layoff. We are hosting a GSA Re-Launch day on the 5th September which is being held at East Glos Club, Cheltenham and starts at 10am for non-coaching members of the GSA. Mark Bennett MBE will be our special guest providing coach education presentations to the county coaches as well as engaging with our junior coaching sessions to demonstrate his PDS coaching methods. We'll also be hosting a members, and parents presentation to give you an idea of how development in the county will look from a junior performance programme perspective and how we support our clubs with their junior programme growth. 

    Futhermore, we'll have the new inflatable squash courts in use throughout the day to show you all where your efforts in crowdfunding have been spent. Finally, we're running two exhibition matches with our newly turned professional players Jack Bloomfield, Jamie Carmichael and Tayne Turnock with an invited player to compete to top off the fun and knowledgeable event. This event is all funded by the GSA and we encourage you all to turn up and become involved where possible. The majority of the GSA committee members will be on site if you have any questions you would like to ask about programme developments going forward.

    we look forward to seeing you all there.

    Kind Regards

    Mark Toseland