Winter League Re-start

    Hi Everyone, 

    After such a long layoff from league squash we are now in a position to go full throttle with re-engagement of the county winter leagues again. We are pretty much starting a fresh leading to into the winter league as we are aware that some players have reduced the amount they are playing, but we also have up and coming juniors who are keen to get more involved in county league matches. This will re-shape the playing landscape slightly so we can re-start afresh to accomodate all this. 

    We are looking at running a larger league system this year to integrate more matches with the social element that has been missing for the last 18months. Therefore, we will be aiming to run a minimum of 2 leagues with 12 teams in each league. reflecting on previous years, we would look to amalgamate Prem A and Prem B into 1 12 team division and then Emalagamate Div 1, 2 and 3 together. These matches will be set up as: Premier league on Tuesday nights but falling back on Wednesday for over populated clubs to use for required home fixtures. And Division 1 will be based on Thursday nights with the same principle of using Wednesday nights if required. 

    Please can you email: with the number of teams you wish to enter into the winter league and which division they will be participating in? I will be using the previous league system as a guide for division standings. we will need to know this by August 22nd latest so we can arrange fixtures and provide clubs enough time to book courts etc...

    Over the summer period, please arrange friendly matches between yourselves. if you can let me know when you have a match organised, i will be happy to input the results into Squash Levels.

    if you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to ask.

    kind regards

    Mark Toseland