Frantic Squash - Junior & Senior

    Hi Everyone

    We are going to do a FRANTIC SQUASH event on Friday 21 December to celebrate all the brilliant squash that has been played so far this term.

    Where: East Glos
    When: Friday 21st Dec
    Time: 5:15pm
    Who can join in?

    Anyone who can play full court squash; juniors, parents, league players and of course, COACHES!

    What is it?

    Firstly, it is FUN!

    It is also a team event where points just accumulate across the whole match so the standard really doesn't matter. You'll be playing someone around your own level (if we work it out right!)

    Cost - It is Free to you! A christmas gift :-)

    Do you need to do anything?

    Please SHARE this and for those that have done before let people know how much fun it is. This only works if we have people join in and all standards (for those adults who play a lot I will be looking for captains of teams :-))

    And of course for the adults, the bar will be open afterwards...

    Christmas jumpers are OPTIONAL :-)

    Please let me know if you are looking to come: but also happy for people to trun up on the day!